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Registration documents of APO FCU
documents of APO FCU

 Registration documents of AWF FCU
documents of AWF FCU

International exhibition
Kiev, 15-18.10.2015

17 Carpfishing World Championship, Spain, 5-10.10.2015
17 Carpfishing
Spain, Caspe

ActivExpo Fest
International exhibition
"ActivExpo Fest"
Kiev, 01-04.10.2015

5th World Championship in Boat Predatory Spinning and Lure Fishing (3-7.10.2012)
5th World Championship
in Boat Predatory Spinning
and Lure Fishing

Fisherman's guide
Specialised handbook
"Fisherman's guide"
400 catchability places!

Public Organization «FCU»

Fishermen Community of Ukraine


Международный благотворительный фонд «Україно! Я за тебе!»

Food network of japanese restaurants «Sushiya»

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace


Клуб рыбаков Гидропарка

Рыболовно-спортивная база «Козинка»

Рыболовно-спортивный клуб «Рыбацкий кордон»

Семейно-спортивный клуб рыболовного мастерства «Рыбацкое счастье»

Плавбаза «Нептун» в Сорокошичах

Рыболовно-охотничья база «Вершина» в Сорокошичах

Киевский эколого-культурный центр

Общественная организация инвалидов «Планета сильных»

Портал рыболовов и охотников «OHOTA.DP.UA»

Портал рыболовов и охотников «RYBALKA.COM»

Дизайн-студия «КАРО»

Рекламная компания «Абрикоско»

Global Taekwondo Federation of Ukraine


Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine

Государственная Экологическая Инспекция

Министерство внутренних дел Украины

Fish protection authorities

Министерство Украины по вопросам чрезвычайных ситуаций

Центральная Геофизическая Обсерватория (Укргидромет)

Торгово-промышленная Палата Украины

«Золотой Карась» - сеть рыболовных магазинов

Компания «ИБИС» - поставщик рыболовных товаров

Торговый дом «Серебряный ручей» - рыболовные снасти

Компания «Balzer-Украина» - поставщик рыболовных снастей

Radio station «Europa Plus»

Радиостанция «Динамо» - 106fm

Телепрограмма «О рыбалке всерьез»

Клиника «Борис»

Стоматологическая клиника «Стоматология от А до Я»

Интернет-провайдер «Digital Communications»

ООО «ЮР-АКВА» - Высококачественная активированная вода с доставкой

All- Ukrainian Public Association “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine” – the third structural unit of AFPA «FCU». The main purpose of its foundation: unification of the Ukrainian fishermen with the purpose of their interests and legal rights protection, and also determination and implementation of the main priorities in the development of the amateur fishing in Ukraine.
All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine” has become a general initiator of All-Ukrainian Public Association, realizing its activities according to the legal, humanism, voluntarism principles. In June 2008 the documents for the official registration of All-Ukrainian Public Association were passed to the Ministry of Justice in Ukraine: at this moment an official registration of the other subject of AFP «FCU» is going on. Since autumn of this year the introduction of various membership kinds registration in “FCU” Public Association with the membership fees, rights and duties is planned (differentiated system – for the fishermen with different income levels and needs).

Public Association “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine” – neither a fiction, nor phantom. During 2007-2008 the selection of the REAL activists, non-indifferent fishermen, supporting our ideas and ready to deal with the public activities was conducted. Just this careful and extensional work has taken much time. But it was worth while, however at this moment public regional network “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine” makes up:
17 official Representatives (whose status approved notarially) in 15 regions of Ukraine.
7 productive officially registered regional Representative authorities (Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Kuznetsovsk, Zhitomir, Sevastopol, Nikolayev, and Simferopol). Each of them consists of dozens Community activists, total more than two hundred persons.
Over 70 persons – number of the Community Active functionaries body in Kiev. These are the volunteers, taking the most active part in the association part, people, who make a significant contribution into its development, participating in the events, discussions and development of the social programs and also in making strategic and tactical decisions of the association.
15 persons – The Community Administration in Kiev: administrators of the Internet Association portal, editorial desk of the public newspaper «Ribolovniy Vestnik», “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine” Press-Centre, economic service and accounts department.
Thus, total in the capital city and regions of Ukraine, hundreds activists deal with the public activities, doing their best for all of the prevailing tasks to be achieved in “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine”. Besides, at least thousand persons has been registered on the Community Internet portal, their associated membership – another segment of all-Ukrainian community of non-indifferent fishermen, unified with common idea as for their interests and legal rights protection.

On the way of its development “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine” passed lots of difficulties from the pessimism and sceptical distrust – to merited recognition by the conscious fishermen as for the correctness of the path we selected. We were the first, who implemented the idea in the positive result, though the talks and arguments had been before. We consciously stepped to the pioneer path, leaving ourselves under the squalls of the negative, statements, suspicions, prejudiced critics, pseudo accusations and blames. But now, at least after two years, our initiatives started, actual achievements, are telling own tale about our competence and give us the right to go with our initiatives bravely. To write about all of the events and acts, started programs and initiatives is quite much – Total for a year and half of its existence the Fishermen Community of Ukraine has managed to do a lot. The whole our activities is reflected regularly in the home page of the portal and described in monthly public newspaper of the Community " Ribolovniy Vestnik ", distributed free of charge at the points of the fishing goods sale across Ukraine.

But here we are going to mention the most significant and key events:
Continuous work has been arranged with such serious organizations as: Ministry of the Environment, the State Environmental Inspection, the State Committee of the Fishing Industry, General State Fishery Protection Management, Salvage Centers of the Emergency Situations Ministry, Kiev ecological and cultural center, Conservation organization «Ekopravo», Kiev Fishing Sport Federation, Central Geophysical Observatory (Ukrgidromet).
The first stage of All-Ukrainian ecological program “Chistiy Istochnik” (“Clean Source”). Map sketches of the surface waters quality in Ukraine have been represented to the public, they have been developed on the base of the complex ecological researches in 26 waters (selected by the fishermen of our country as a result of all-Ukrainian голосования).
In spring of 2008 major three month All-Ukrainian anti-poaching action “Spawning 2008” was conducted. It consisted of the weekly raids by the public Community inspectors conducting on the waters of the country; theoretical and practical seminars on the struggle with the poachers – in Kiev and regions; press-conferences, exhibitions on the poaching tackles and press tours for the journalists. Due to this action conducting, (for the first time in the history of independence) the information on the rampant poaching down to the national threat was represented to the public.
In summers of 2008 the raid on the destruction of the fixed poaching fishing tackles (“spider”) on the Ros River in Cheliyabinsk was conducted. The journalists of all-Ukrainian Mass Media (TV,radio, printed and Internet press) were invited to the raid – total about 20 redactions). 13 Fixed “spiders ” were raised and another four ones were made inoperative mostly. The whole country got to know that in Ukraine due to powers appeasement underground private “fish plants” exist and work successfully .
Due to«The Fishermen Community of Ukraine» the system of the fishing refereeing is being revived in Ukraine: implementing of the planning policy on the development of the fishing sport in Ukraine, we opened «Fishing refereeing School in Ukraine». The first training arrangements have been already conducted – «The seminars on the referees training on the fishing sport of the category ІІ-ІІІ», in Kiev and also in regions – dozens of the referees got not only theoretical knowledge but an official status.
From December of 2006 года up to September of 2008 был dozens sport fishing competitions of the various kinds were conducted: as among the professional sportsmen and amateurs, friendly season sessions, family festivals, competitions for the disabled persons and children. The unique all Ukrainian sport fishing competition “The Fishermen Community of Ukraine Cup” has been started. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that for the first time in Ukraine the competitions in five sport fishing disciplines all together will be conducted: they will define the best specialist, who can catch fish fluently in various conditions:offshore, from the boat, on the open waters and drainless water bodies in any season and mastering of various tackles.
The Community has begun to implement the full-scale program «Support of the educational institutions», which is based on the idea of the fishing popularization as a kind of healthy and active rest in the system of the education in Ukraine. We have developed the training discipline «Children’s school oа the fishing skills». It can be taught in the general educational institutions, as an elective course. The program on the discipline «Children’s school oа the fishing skills» has been developed according to the requirements of the State standard of the basic and full general secondary education, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet № 24.
In the course of the companion the antipoaching struggle the legislative project “On the Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on the administrative violation (as for the antipoaching struggle strengthening)” has been developed. At present the legislative project has been passed repeatedly to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the signatures of three friendly ecologists’ people deputies: Ivan Zayats, Alexander Golub and Valeriy Bevza. The legislative project objective: to represent the rights to the public fishing, hunting, ecological inspectors, and also to the inspectors of the state service in the natural reserved fund, to make up protocols on the poachers as for the whole raw of the environment protection articles in particular as for the article 85 of the Administrative Code.

ТЕСТ-98 Art International - галерея дизайна Торгово-Промышленная Палата Украины ООИ Планета сильных Balzer-Украина - поставщик рыболовных снастей Киевский Эколого-Культурный Центр (КЭКЦ) Харьковская областная спиннинговая лига Гильдия Навигаторов - Интернет-Магазин с выставкой-продажей в центре Киева ЛЮБИТЕЛИ РЫБАЛКИ из Украины и не только Клуб рыбаков Гидропарка
Радиостанция Динамо 106FM Центральная Геофизическая Обсерватория (Укргидромет) Нахлыст и не только Компания Флагман - Все для рыбалки и активного отдыха. Электронный каталог товаров. ЮР-АКВА - питьевая вода Стоматология от А до Я - частная стоматологическая клиника высшей категории КАРО - Дизайн студия Федерация рыболовного спорта Харьковской области - Сумский рыболовный портал Чертежи катеров, лодок, яхт. Лучшие проекты со всего света для самостоятельной постройки Интернет-провайдер Digital Communications

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